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Originally published as The sexiest stripper in the world bends women. “Don’t think that all striptease is dirty porn.” If someone tells you that you go to see striptease to appreciate art and cultivate your temperament, you will immediately give him a contemptuous look. But if you add the name “Dita Von Teese-Dita Vantis” after it, you will not only not sniff, but also be happy to go with it. Dita is the world’s most famous stripper who is worth $200 million, unlike the girl you remember who lost her footing. People who have seen her performance say that the island’s action romance is spicy chicken! Expand the full text Stripping is a shady profession, but Dita has been recognized by the mainstream society by virtue of her personal charm, with 1.9 million followers on Instagram. There are many labels on her body, such as “one of the most attractive women in the world”, “retro erotic artist”, “the true representative of Hollywood glamour” and so on, but none of them can represent her. Some people even say that Dita’s charm is “the devil that Satan left behind in the world.”. In addition to being loved by the general public, even celebrities have fallen at the feet of Dita. During Dita’s European tour in 2009, then French President Nicolas Sarkozy and the first lady both secretly contacted Dita, saying, “We would like to see you perform, but because of our status, we really can’t go.” On Prince Harry’s 24th birthday, his father, Prince Charles, also invited Dita to perform. Surprisingly,custom tailor tape, Dita turned down the invitation because she felt that she was just a lap dancer and that it was somewhat inappropriate to perform in the royal family. Although Dita is still taboo among political celebrities, it is a different story in the highly tolerant fashion circle! Dita, with its strong artistic flavor, is deeply loved by luxury brands. Dita is always seen in the front row of the top fashion shows. Fashion designers such as Dior, Hermes, LV, Vivienne Westwood and Marc Jacobs will take the initiative to customize dresses for Dita. Jean Paul Gaultier,tailor measure tape, the former artistic director of Hermes, even told Dita generously: “If you like what I have here, you can wear it!”! Holding Dita’s hand, Jean, the former artistic director of Hermes, smiled like a flower. Among male fans, however, Dita’s allure was on full display in an episode at Burberry’s London fashion show in 2012. On the red carpet, Dita accidentally dropped her umbrella, but wearing a little dress and 10cm + heels, she couldn’t pick it up by herself.. Before Dita could react, two guys suddenly rushed out of the crowd and rushed to help Dita pick up the umbrella. Eventually, a young man picked up the umbrella and got a chance to talk with Dita. Another little brother left with a wry smile on his face, full of the vicissitudes of the loser. You may wonder, bra measuring tape ,large print tape measure, after all, Dita is just a stripper, why does she fascinate the whole world? Teenager, you don’t understand! What you won’t guess is that 80% of Dita’s fans around the world are women. The reason why girls are interested in Dita is simple: Watching Dita’s performance is like appreciating the most beautiful works of art. Pay attention to the crazy expressions of the girls in the audience. The most ridiculous joke on the planet, “watching striptease can cultivate sentiment”, has become reasonable on Dita. In her opinion, striptease should not be vulgar and dirty. “It’s an art that specializes in seduction.”. Dita is said to be the world’s first stripper because she can tear off the dirty label of striptease and let the audience look at striptease from the perspective of art appreciation. So what’s the difference between a Dita strip show and a regular strip show? The difference is that Dita’s striptease is a blend of ballet, retro and burlesque.
Dita’s striptease is always on tiptoe, and this artistic movement from ballet is an important reason why her dance looks advanced. Dita began to learn ballet at the age of 4, and at the age of 13, she was able to perform as a soloist in a local ballet company. But instead of staying in the company, Dita has shifted its focus to another hobby: vintage-inspired lingerie. According to Dita’s own account, she was influenced by the “pin-up girls” popular in the mid-20th century in the United States, so she has a special love for retro style underwear. Dita is particularly obsessed with the sexy clothes worn by Pin-Up Girl, so Dita’s clothes during the performance are also in this retro style. But behind the extreme beauty, there is an unknown sadness, and Dita is no exception. In order to squeeze herself into these sexy vintage underwear, Dita has been wearing corsets for 20 years without even taking them off to sleep. Finally, she tied her waistline to 56 cm, and the thinnest even shrank to 42 cm, which has reached the point of horror. There are even rumors that she took off two ribs in order to shrink her waist. For a playboy poster, let’s feel the concept of a waist of 42 cm. I was so scared that I quickly touched my belly. Because Dita likes underwear, she even went to work in an underwear store before her debut, so that she could keep different underwear. Dita ended up as a stripper because she once walked into a strip club. Seeing a career that perfectly combines lingerie and ballet, two of her favorite things, Dita immediately decided her future career path? But those regular vulgar dances are not Dita’s real pursuit. If you want to do it, do it superlatively. Dita found inspiration in the almost lost “Burlesque”. The greatest feature of this kind of burlesque is that it has a plot. Dita believes that adding drama to striptease can sublimate it into a truly sexy art. Dita’s most representative performances of feather fans and champagne baths incorporate these elements. That’s why some people call Dita’s show “a Broadway show that takes off its clothes.”. When a thing is done to the extreme, it can become art. Dita has taken striptease to the extreme, making a turnaround for the industry and becoming an art respected by celebrities. After becoming famous, Dita was no longer confined to the striptease industry, but began to enter the fashion circle. Got the chance to appear in the music video for the British group Monarchy’s single “Disintegration”. You can also shoot fashion shoots with big names like Scarlett Johansson. The cooperation with luxury brands has also changed from a show guest to a show model. But she’s only good for the finale, because once Dita stands with the other female models, the other female models will look like men. Dita has also launched its own underwear brand, Von Follies, which is designed and modeled by itself. Every stitch is flowing with her favorite retro style, full of the fragrance of the 1950s. In addition to underwear, it also launched its own namesake brand Dita Eyewear sunglasses. Launched its own personal namesake brand perfume. And Christian Louboutin (the brand with red heels and turnip lipstick!) Launched a joint underwear, CL also customized a pair of red ballet shoes for her, super envy! Despite the growing number of fashion events, Dita has not forgotten her old job. Even today, at the age of 45, Dita continues to perform her own art of striptease with regular shows. According to Dita, “One cannot simply link the degree of nudity to sexual desire.” “The reason for adding burlesque elements to striptease is to create an elegant, particularly beautiful,bespoken tape measure, erotic but not pornographic performance.” Yes, there are so many sexy things in the world, but not all sexy is to satisfy sexual desire. Sexy is never a synonym for vulgar.
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