This is a Gambling game, originated after the freedom of our country India from British rule. Where “Satta” means Power, so the literal meaning of Satta king 786 is, King of power. It’s a game of prediction, the person who predicts the right Satta number wins money. So if you don’t know about this game Satta king live result and you’re searching on the internet you’ll be confused like most of the others because there are so many names for example, Satta matka, Satta king up, Satta king, Satta king live result, Gali satta, Satta king result so you must be thinking what are these? Why so many variations? To clear the air, these are just different names referring to the same game which is Satta king. The initial name of this game was Satta king up and the person who wins becomes satta king but as the game started being popular people started referring to this game as Satta king 786. If you’re planning to start playing this game or you’re just curious to know everything about this game, keep reading this article because I’m gonna provide complete information you need.

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