The bright sunshine is still there, the faint chill is still there, but the wind has stopped, and everyone’s eyes are focused on the small drops of water. Chen Feng gawked at the drops of water, eyes can no longer accommodate anything, crystal drops of water in Chen Feng’s eyes at this time like the sickle of death, step by step toward their own approach, he can even smell a trace of death in the air. Why? Why do you feel this way? Chen Feng eyes staring boss, desperately moving the body, but no matter how hard Chen Feng, did not move. Finally, the water slowly came to the front of Chen Feng, as if he had experienced a hundred generations of reincarnation, a deep despair occupied all his thoughts. Maybe death is not terrible, but when you see death pushing you step by step, but unable to resist, that kind of suffering and pain is really a thousand times more terrible than death. The water drops passed through layers of Reiki and sank into Chen Feng’s forehead, and the golden Reiki and the white ice fire around him did not even hinder the water drops at all. Rapid breathing kept ringing, Chen Feng’s face turned red, and he watched in horror as the drops of water sank into his forehead bit by bit. Cold feeling instantly came into my mind, the expected pain did not come, but a sense of dizziness instantly permeated Chen Feng’s whole body, Chen Feng only felt a heavy eyelid,smart board whiteboard, sleepiness hit, then a soft body, crashed in the air. The eldest brother Zhang Tie, who was standing on the ground, gave a cry of surprise and ran madly toward the place where Chen Feng had fallen. In midair, all the monks looked at everything in front of them foolishly. When Chen Feng performed the great Zen sound, they were convinced by Chen Feng. When Master Fei defeated him with only a drop of water, they all showed a look of horror. They can not imagine,smart board touch screen, this drop of water in the end is what, will contain such a powerful power, unexpectedly let Chen Feng without any resistance to the fall, and the defeat so simply? Master Fei stood quietly in the air, completely ignoring Chen Feng, who had fallen into Zhang Tie’s arms, and just looked thoughtfully in one direction. Let it all go! A cold voice came from Master Fei’s mouth, and the friar in the air shook his whole body and bowed down. Looking at the back of the crowd, Master Fei shook his head and sighed: “If I give you some time, maybe you still have the strength to fight with me, but now!” Speaking of this, Master Fei was silent, because he knew that no matter how strong Chen Feng was, he was like an ant in the face of his existence, because there was no’Tao ‘monk, throughout his life, 86 smart board ,4k smart board, he could not fight against himself, but after today, Chen Feng had lost the chance to understand Tao. Zhang Tie caught Chen Feng and looked at him worriedly. Then he turned his red eyes and glared at Master Fei. When Zhang Tie saw that Master Fei did not look at himself, he gritted his teeth and fled to the distance with Chen Feng in his arms. For Zhang Tie’s departure, Master Fei did not mean to stop him at all. Anyway, in his opinion, there is no difference between Chen Feng and death today. What does it matter whether he chases or not. In midair, Master Fei stood quietly. I don’t know how long it was before he suddenly opened his mouth in one direction and said, “Come out, Master yuan!” “Why not kill Chen Feng?” As Master Fei’s voice fell, a divine rainbow flashed in the air, and a golden figure only half a meter in size appeared in front of Master Fei. The little man is glittering with gold, but Zhang is old-fashioned. This is clearly a smaller version of yuan Ba. Kill him? Master Fei looked at the smaller version of yuan Ba and snorted coldly, “How can I explain to him like a clan and an alliance if I kill him?” “Well, don’t you want to break the promise of a thousand years ago?” yuan Ba looked at Master Fei angrily with a domineering expression, but with his lovely appearance today, it made people feel that they did not know whether to laugh or cry. This promise has bound me for thousands of years, and of course I want to get rid of it today! Master Fei did not look at yuan Ba, but when yuan Ba wanted to roar again, Master Fei continued.
“Chen Feng has been used by me to perform the Tongshui Xuanming Curse. He will never be able to understand the Dharma. Now he is no different from the dead. When the five-year period comes, you can do it yourself!” Master Fei’s voice was very flat, but yuan Ba’s eyes lit up and he exclaimed, “How could you not hesitate to spend your essence and blood to perform the Tongshui Xuanming Curse?” “Hum, otherwise will you agree to cancel the agreement between us?” Master Fei turned to look at yuan Ba, and his voice was extremely cold. Good, good! yuan Ba ignored the coldness in Master Fei’s eyes and burst out laughing. Then he reached out and touched it and threw a roll of sheepskin scroll at Master Fei. Taking the scroll, Master Fei looked at it carefully, then shook the scroll into pieces with both hands and scattered it in the air. yuan Ba, remember that there will be no relationship between you and me in the future. You should be your overlord of the Western Regions. Don’t disturb my life! There was a little excitement in Master Fei’s voice, and then without looking at yuan Ba, he turned into a blue awn and flew away in the direction of Pingyao City, while yuan Ba curled his mouth and disappeared between heaven and earth. Master Fei, who has lifted the shackles, is very happy. The shackles of a thousand years have finally disappeared. In the future, he will enjoy his life as a free man. But when Master Fei was about to fly to Pingyao City, Yan Laoqi flew out of the city with an anxious face. Master Fei was slightly stupefied, stopped and looked curiously at Yan Laoqi. After seeing Master Fei, Yan Laoqi first looked happy, then cried all over his face. Little, young master, not good, Baijiao building is gone. Xiaofan went out to work today, the second chapter may be late ~!!!! Volume 1 Chapter 11 The Weird in the Body Chapter 11 the oddity in the body. Green bricks and broken tiles scattered on the ground, broken stone walls and dust everywhere, the original magnificent Baijiao Tower, now only a ruin, can no longer find any glory of the past. In front of the ruins, surrounded by a dense crowd, Master Fei stood in front of the crowd with a livid face, clenched his fists tightly,smartboard for business, and the folding fan in his hand made a clicking sound because of the force. Did Chen Feng really do it? The anger in his eyes was clearly visible, and Master Fei’s voice seemed to be a volcano deposited for thousands of years, on the verge of eruption at any time.

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