“Humph.” Du Wei gave a sneer. Don’t cry when you don’t see the Yellow River. Du Wei can’t reveal the dragon’s body, but. He laughed a few times. He simply stood up on the back of the Griffin, now holding the spear in one hand, and then. He lowered his brows. Slowly in his mouth, he sang a series of simple and strange songs. Ground notes! And when this string of notes came out of Du Wei’s mouth, the black dragons really changed color! After an exclamation of surprise, the two black dragons in the front quickly shrank up and darted quickly to the back. Dragonspeak magic! It really is a golden dragon. ! If it’s human. It’s impossible to speak dragon magic! With a bang, several black dragons were shocked. They turned their heads and fled desperately in the direction of the fortress. And the last one, the slightly older Black Dragon, is still He glanced hesitantly at Du Wei from a distance, his body in the air. But he made a prostrate gesture, and a buzzing sound came over: “Your Excellency,information kiosk price, the Noble Golden Dragon!”! We dare not fight against you. 。 It’s just that we’re being coerced by the evil goblins? We really didn’t expect that there would be a golden dragon in the world. Now, if possible, please save us. It’s just that the evil spirit is so powerful that our patriarch is subdued by it. So, please come and save us all. Clan! With that, it bowed far away,temperature check kiosk, then turned around and flew away quickly. Du Wei was in the middle of a string of dragon magic incantations. Seeing the other side recede, I shut up and read it again. But the fox’s tail is about to show. Although he is in tears. You can speak dragon language with his help. But he can’t use the magic of the dragon language now. Fortunately. It seems that the fear of the royal family has formed the habit of the dragons, and these dragons have been scared away. Du Wei breathed a sigh of relief. He wiped the sweat from his forehead. No wonder the fortress suddenly fell. The guy who fell snow sent all the dragons to be the pioneers. Du Weidi’s group of Griffin knights, when setting fire, just found a few barrels of kerosene in a warehouse, and some Griffin knights simply hovered around the barrels of kerosene and watered them. One time. After lighting the oil, the fire was very difficult to extinguish, and the orcs, under the strict orders of the first territory, facial recognition thermometer ,outdoor digital signage displays, could only find all kinds of rakes or brooms nearby to put out the fire. In a fierce battle. Several wells near the warehouse were also blocked, and the orcs had to carry water back and forth from the canal dock east of the fortress. The raging fire caused many orcs to be burned. Many of the orcs’ fur was scorched by the flames. Several elf elders and mages have rushed back, trying to cast water magic. But after pouring the kerosene, the fire broke out. The effect of water magic has also been limited, on the oil. Watering can even make the fire more ferocious Helplessly. The leader of the orcs gave the order to die, and the death squads rushed up one by one. The leader of the orcs himself ran about two hundred paces in front of the warehouse. After the field stands, pick up a long knife to draw a mark on the ground, crazy roar: “Pass the order down.”. If the fire continues to spread to this line, then all the fire fighting death squads And cut off all their heads! The death squads were originally criminals among the orcs, who were originally attacking the city. The role of these death squads is to be responsible for the first wave of climbing walls or filling trenches. Ditch and other things with the highest mortality rate, and this attack on the fortress, because of the dragon’s surprise attack. The death squads suffered few casualties. But unexpectedly, many people were burned to death in the fire. The leader of the orcs even sent up the overseers. There was a raging fire in front of him, but behind him was a bright blade in the hands of the supervisor. These orc death squads can only grind their teeth and close their eyes, and try their best to get into the fire. What? Slytherin ? “When Luoxue heard the news and rushed back to the city.”. The fire in the warehouse has been controlled. After listening to the report. First a surprise. But then he asked. A few black dragons fled back. Finally, the snow fell and looked at the fierce fire ahead. There was smoke everywhere in the warehouse, but suddenly a strange smile appeared on its face. It seems. It’s my old friend who’s here. Falling snow pulls the corners of the mouth.
Murmured in a low voice, “Duke of Tulips, Dewey!”! You’re making a lot of creeps. ! Slytherin, have you even got out of this legendary army? It’s really annoying. After saying that. Falling snow unexpectedly no longer look at the front is chaotic fire warehouse, turn around with a group of pro-guard elf warriors will go back out of the city. At this time, the leader of the orc army on the eastern front ran over. This white rhino is the rock’s henchman. After coming to see the falling snow, his tone was respectful and frightened: “Elf King.”. This The fire is really too big. Please send more clan mages to help put out the fire. Falling snow glanced at the orc leader in front of him. The white rhinoceros skin on its body has been smoked full of fireworks, and the hair on its head has been scorched. His face was covered with black ash. Look It was rather awkward to go up. No need. Falling snow took one look at the warehouse and said, “There is such a fire in the earth that the grain can’t be saved.”. Now I am afraid that the enemy will counterattack at any time, I can not white. It’s a waste of the wizards’ strength. “But the grain.” The orc leader was reluctant. We are not short of food now. Snow shook his head: “The rear of the farmland, after two months to harvest.”. What we need is more subway stations. Whether it’s the armor of the warriors. And weapons, or the hoes and shovels needed to work in the fields, there are many armors and weapons left by human beings in this warehouse. Those ironware won’t burn easily anyway,digital signage screen, and. Even if we move back, we have to go back to the furnace to refine, so that your people can put out the fire in the weapons warehouse as soon as possible. As for other warehouses. Just try to control the fire and not spread. Don’t You have wasted the lives of your soldiers. The orc leader watched helplessly as Snow said these words and left. I couldn’t help but freeze.

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