“This is my favorite place to go to my regular dental checkups. My regular dentist never lets me down and I’m always taken care of. The staff is extremely cordial and very proficient. Dr. Smith is very knowledgeable about the procedures that he performs on a regular basis and constantly comes out tops when it comes to his treatment and experience. He’s always making sure he is at the top of things and assisting his patients at all possible.”My dentist is a really calm person, who does not appear to get a panic attack. When I go for a checkup with me personally, I simply concentrate on the processes that will need to be performed and getting the task done, and I’m in and out very quickly. I am quite happy with the entire services this dentist offers. His staff is extremely polite and courteous. They always try their very best to make me feel at ease and anxiety free throughout my trip. I really like all of the professionals that work here like the secretary, charging, along with the office employees.”I love going to the Dentist Office on a consistent basis. I am relieved to know that someone will be there when I need them. This specific dentist prides himself at the characteristic of his job and makes every effort to give folks the very best remedy. He also makes an extra effort to talk to each individual on a personal level. It shows his customers how much he really cares about his patients and the work they do.” – Jennifer”Once I go to watch Dr. Katz, it feels as though I’m at home. Everything that I have ever imagined is correct there: the books on the plate, the comforter, the massage, the chairs and tables. I’m completely comfortable while being treated here. I never once felt nervous or anxious during my therapy “”I definitely love going to this dentist’s office. I feel as if I am always welcome. I really don’t feel any different if I go to see this dentist in contrast to another dentist. I really feel at ease the minute that I walk in the door. I love all of the care that everyone gives me, including the physician, the office employees, and the individual .””The very first time that I went to find the dentist, I had been frightened. But I knew that I had done the perfect thing by just taking care of myself. It had been the fear of pain which made me uneasy, but once I saw how good that this dentist would be, I determined that I would return.””Dentist Katz is definitely not just a dentist. He’s more than a dentist. He is an excellent human being and a wonderful improvement to Midtown Dental. He’s gentle with his patients rather than in a terrible mood. The wonderful thing about him is that he brings joy to everyone around him.” – Experienced dentist”I certainly advise heading to Dr. Katz for any type of dental therapy. I feel comfortable in his office. I don’t feel any pain and any kind of distress. He’s unquestionably a top notch dentist and the perfect person to enter your own life. This guy is so caring and kind and I couldn’t ask for a greater dentist to have your teeth cared for. He actually makes an unbelievable impact on each of the folks around him.””I definitely advise heading to the Midtown dental office. I had my first tooth pulled and it scared the living daylights out of me. I had a terrible experience and left the office with a massive bruise on my lip. Now I have gone into this dentist, everything is positive and I am fixing the bruise quite gently and I will be able to have an followup appointment in a few weeks. Dr Katz is excellent and I’m quite happy with the treatment he has given to me.””I’d definitely advise heading to Midtown Dental if you’ve some dental problems. I’ve never experienced any pain through some of my treatments and I always leave feeling like a thousand dollars. Dr. Katz and his staff are simply great and I love that I do not need to take pain killers anymore since I now go to this dentist to get pain relief” – anti patient

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