I’ll be showing you guys the best android nds emulator you can get for your Android device so it is actually a better emulator called drastic I won’t be talking about in this video because that actually costs around free pounds and you will also need some Nintendo DS roms so I will be using the SD card from my alpha or flash card just because that’s a lot easier and it actually comes with all the roms that I’ve already got on that so on your Android device all you want to do is just go ahead and open up the Google Play Store then in this search at the top just type in NDS and then search it so you want to get the second one on the list which is NDS emulator for Android 6 there’s quite a few on here but that is the best one you can get for free as you can see you can get drastic as well but that actually costs I think I paid about 4 pounds for it I’ve really got it installed but this one is free and it’s pretty much the same thing so all you want to do is just go ahead and install it and then once you’ve got it all you want to do is just tap open so it’s made by its CPU studio just give it a few seconds to load it does take just a few seconds and now what its gonna do is just load up now to get your game running all you want to do is just tap new game now there might be a few adverse on this so just keep that in mind then what its gonna do is just scan your device for your rom so as you can see it might have scanned my SD card you can tap rescan if it’s not coming up and it should find all of the Nintendo DS located somewhere on your phone so as you can see I’ve got loads of games in there I can pretty much just try any game and it should work let’s go with New Super Mario Bros 1st so just tap on it and then it’s just going to load into the game like this so there is an advert to top that part from that it’s not too bad let’s just give a quick test it’s just our new game here has full working sound and everything like that and there’s also no delays which is really nice I said while I’m on the game there is also a menu button so if you tap that up it just comes up or a few options so we have got gamepad if you disable that as you can see it removes all of their you know gamepad controls from the screen so we can no longer use it so all you want to do is just turn that back on so we’ve got some other settings on here as well we’ve got switch the screens around which is this one right here so do that and it will swap the screens we’ve got a Save button so that saves the game we’ve got a no Pen button so that means you can’t use the touch screen any top option right here basically simulates your own intelligence closing so if you did that it would basically be you know like OBS is closed and then you tap it and then opens again and we’ve got loads so loads we’ve got merged screen and then we’ve also got microphone so yeah pretty cool has all of the options from the original DS that you could possibly want there’s also another menu button if you tap menu down here it comes up with all kinds of other stuff so we’ve got savestates we’ve got cheats on there

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