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My fingers flew across the keyboard as I recorded the newest ideas for my company. When my phone beeped, I winced and my fingers stuttered on the keyboard. This had better be important. The hour after lunch was sacred time for me to create. I stopped to push the button. “What is it, Carl?”

“You’re two-thirty is here.”

“Two-thirty?” I looked at the clock. My creation hour had somehow lasted ninety minutes. “What two-thirty?” I demanded.

“Newspaper interview for the university.”

Oh right.

I didn’t really have any time for interviews since my company’s success exploded six months ago. Never mind for college students who barely knew how to write a complete sentence, but they’d caught me on a weak day, when I felt nostalgic, and it was too late to refuse now.

Some bleach blonde twenty-year-old kid was waiting outside my door to hear what sorority I pledged and what motivational quote inspired me.

The door opened and Carl poked his head in. “Riley Dale to see you, Harper.”


The door opened all the way to reveal a blonde with striking blue eyes, but his hair was not bleached, nor was he twenty.

“Nice to meet you, Ms. Foley.” Riley beamed, holding a notebook and pen. He wore a crisp white shirt with no tie, a suit jacket and jeans. Despite the laid-back demeanor his outfit projected, he oozed confidence and authority. Perhaps it was his direct eye contact that strengthened the glow of his commanding aura as he entered my office.

But it was the glimpse of his muscular thighs that caused me to trip as I moved around the desk. “Thank you, Carl.” I recovered my feet, and held out my hand to Riley as Carl closed the door.

“You don’t look like a university student,” I said.

Riley smiled without embarrassment as he shook my hand. “I took two years off to work, and I’m working toward my master’s in literature, so I’m an advanced twenty-six. The newspaper gives me writing practice.” He shook my hand. “I can show my student ID card if you’d like I am not a slut from”

Shaking my head with a suppressed smile, I invited him over to my desk. He scrutinized me as I took my seat behind it. “The pictures I’ve seen don’t do you justice, Ms. Foley.”

I blushed, and studied my hands on the dark wood, trying to remain composed. How did he manage to walk into my office and set me off balance so easily? “Thank you. I guess both our expectations were subverted.”

“What were you expecting?” His eyes sparkled as he watched me.

There was that damn flutter in my chest again. “An innocent twenty-something freshman. If we could start the interview, I have a lot of work.”

“No one has called me innocent in a long time.” His lips quirked into a smile, as he pulled out a digital recorder. “If you don’t mind, I’ll record our conversation. Easier and more accurate than jotting notes.”

“Sure,” I agreed.

Riley opened his notebook and started asking questions. Surprisingly good questions, interesting ones, a few made me ponder my recent success; success I hoped would continue for many years. But between the questions he flirted, his eyes heating my body.

He made a note and I checked the time. “Anything else?” The only question he hadn’t asked was about my dating life.

“One more question,” he said, his eyes fixed on mine, my heart beating faster. “Would you like to have dinner?”

“Excuse me?” His final question left me off kilter. He was handsome, if much younger than me but I was interested. I spent the interview trying to ignore the way his heated gaze and deep voice made my insides flutter.

“Dinner. I’d like to spend more time with you.”

Shit, I can’t date a college student… Can I?

The request tightened my chest, leaving me breathless. I avoided his gaze, while trying to brush him off, I didn’t have time for dates. And yet…

“I’m flattered. I’ll have Carl check my schedule.”

Riley stood and came around the desk. Placing his hands on the arms of my chair, he turned my chair to him and trapped me. “You’re a passionate woman, Harper. You’ve worked hard to achieve your success. When did you last let someone take control?”

He leaned closer, so I smelled the mint on his breath, saw the edges of irises turn to from brilliant blue to a slate grey.

“Why would I give someone control? This company is mine.”

“Not control of your company, Harper,” he said. “Control of your body.”

I gasped, biting my bottom lip. “How dare you—”

He leaned in closer, our lips not quite touching. “I dare many things, and I see you need a break from being in control. Imagine how beautiful you’d look kneeling for me.”

I wanted to protest, to argue, to deny the truth of his words. But I couldn’t. Instead, I nodded and he kissed me. His hand snaked around my head, pushing me closer, as he worked my lips apart, his slick tongue caressing mine, lazy as if we were already on that dinner date, not in my office in the early afternoon.

I wrapped my arms around him and he used that leverage to pull me to my feet until our bodies collided. The fly of his jeans scraped my belly, distracting me momentarily from the way his kiss sucked the breath out of me.

“Tell me what you want, Harper?” Riley pulled my head back, and his mouth closed over my throat, sucking.

I swatted his shoulder. “Don’t leave marks.”

He scraped his teeth down the side of the neck where my pulse throbbed for him. “I won’t if you tell me what you want.”

“Whatever you want, I want to submit like you said,” I confessed breathlessly. “I want pain.”

Riley nipped my earlobe, his hand covered my breast, squeezing the flesh. My body went from zero to sixty for this man, rocketing faster than my company’s stock would when we went public.

“So sexy when you say that. I want to have dinner with you tonight, so I can play with you.”

I’d had no plans beyond working too late, eating my leftovers from lunch in my empty apartment. No television in my living room to entertain me because I was never home before midnight. Nor did I have food in my fridge, because it spoiled before I ate it. “I’ll have Carl make reservations.”

“No reservations. I’ll bring food to your place. I don’t want to waste time in public.”

“Okay.” That was easy to agree with.

He pulled away and met my eyes, electricity sparked through me, crackling between us while my nipples tightened, pussy drenched, knees weakened. I whimpered as his touch left. “What kind of pain?”

“Whatever you want. Spank me?”

“I’ll spank you on your desk then make you come before I leave.” He kissed me again, fingers unbuttoning my shirt, pulling my breasts over the white lace of my bra to tease my nipples with his fingers, then his mouth suckled, tongue circled. I moaned, squirming against him.

“So impatient,” he murmured into my cleavage.

“I haven’t been touched by anyone in more than a year. My body’s on edge.”

He ran his hands along my arms, squeezing them lightly. “I’ll take care of you. Relax, focus on your breathing.” He unfastened my pants and pushed them down. “Will your assistant come running if you are screaming?”

His words took a moment to sink in: Carl and the spanking. I leaned across the desk and dialed his extension.

“How can I help you, Harper?”

I took a breath to hide the arousal in my voice. “This interview will take longer than planned. Enjoy a break.”

“Do you need a coffee?”

Riley’s fingers brushed against my inner thighs. I glanced over my shoulder, and his eyes jolted me. “No, thank you,” I said holding his gaze. “Don’t rush back, we have much to discuss.”

“Okay.” Carl sounded confused, but he hung up.

Riley’s fingers brushed the crotch of my underwear. “You weren’t joking when you said you were on edge. I’ve barely touched you and you’re soaked.” He looked pained as he rubbed his hand over the curve of my ass covered by my utilitarian pastel blue cotton panties. “Wear better underwear tonight.”

I sighed. “Well, I would…”

“But you’re behind on laundry. Okay, I’ll pick something up for you. Do you think your assistant is gone?”

“You can check if you’re worried.”

“Keep your hands on your desk, Harper.” He patted my ass then peeked out before locking the door.

Riley returned and without further pretense, his hand cracked against my ass. I moaned and wiggled, enjoying the pain blossoming through my skin. How did he know I longed for pain and submission? When I started the company two years ago, I had a steady boyfriend who played domination games with me, but the company consumed my life. He resented being second to my career, so he left eighteen months ago and I didn’t bother finding another. I rationalized I was busy, but my biggest worry was no one would understand my demanding job.

He stopped after four slaps, me moaning as I sank into the pain. “You like that, do you, Harper Foley?”

“Yes,” I moaned.

His hand slipped under the damp fabric covering my pussy and he found my clit, rubbing the throbbing center. “You’re so fucking hot. Tonight I’ll fuck you so hard you’ll forget your stress.”

“I want you to,” I moaned, stretching across my desk.

“When’s the last time you came, Harper?” I loved the way he said my name, like a dirty promise from his sinful lips.

“Last week.”

“How did you make yourself come?” He pulled my panties down letting them drop to my ankles with my pants. “Did you watch porn and use those pretty fingers? Or did you use a vibrator while you read an erotic tale? Or a fake dick fucking your tight pussy?” A finger entered me, curling inside as it stroked my inner walls, and his movement stoked my desire.

“Fingers and reading,” I panted as my hands curled into fists. “Fuck, I need to come.” My body ached with need, my muscles strained to the max with tension.

“Tell me what you read.”

“There’s a website with smutty stories. Kinky stories about humiliation and pain.”

“You’ll have to send me the link.”

“As long as you won’t put that in the article.”

“That is just for my knowledge. And to use in the future when we get together.”

“I thought it was just tonight.”

“No, we’ll need to see more of each other. Don’t you agree?”

“I hadn’t considered that far, you’ve kept me distracted.” I struggled to speak as he fucked me with just that finger. “Please, let me come.”

“Beg me, Ms. Foley, rising star CEO. Beg me to come.”

“Please, Riley, I need you to make me come. Rub my clit.”

He withdrew from my inner channel and tapped my clit. “Like this?” I heard the smile in his voice.

“Harder, please. I’ll beg on my knees if you want.”

“I’d like to see you on your knees sucking my cock,” he admitted. Then he showed mercy as he rubbed my clit with concentrated circles. I moaned deep but quiet, in case someone was in the outer office. “Quiet now, but tonight you won’t be, Harper. Tonight you’ll shout my name. And the next night and the next.”

“Yes,” I moaned. “I want that.” My hips rocked as the fuse lit in my belly, sparking off a fire that burned through my nerves, leaving my skin tingling, covered in goosebumps everywhere. I bit down on my bottom lip to keep from shouting his name in the pleasure that overtook me. The satisfaction reverberated inside my head, Riley Dale. A stranger but somehow in tune with my body.

He kissed my neck when I pressed up from the desk, feeling more energized than I had in months. He wrapped a hand around the back of my neck and kissed me, then pressed his wet fingers to my lips. “Taste your desire. You’ve repressed it for so long, your body weeps for release.”

I licked his fingers, sucking them as our gazes clashed. He grunted as my hand brushed the fly of his jeans. “Don’t tease there, sweetheart. I will struggle until I get somewhere to take care of myself.”

“Wouldn’t have to be a tease.” I arched my eyebrow.

He tracked my movements as he rubbed his fingers together. “What would you do?”

I popped the button of his jeans from its slot. “Suck you. I have a very good mouth. Probably a little rusty though, I might need direction.”

I kicked off my heels and pants and panties. I couldn’t dress until I dried otherwise I’d announce to everyone my recent state of arousal. My shirt remained open, breasts hanging from my bra as I faced him.

“I can handle waiting for tonight.” His finger traced my cheek.

I slid down his zipper. “I’m not content with that.”

“Harper, I thought I was in charge.”

“Riley, let me make you feel good. I miss having a hard cock in my mouth.”

“And you want mine?”

“If you are half as good with that as you are with your fingers, yeah, I want yours.” I dropped to my knees and tugged at his waistband. “What kind of underwear do you wear, Mr. Dale?” I teased biting my index finger.

He pushed his jeans down to reveal a pair of dark blue underwear covering a thrilling bulge. I tugged at the elastic waist and eased them down, letting him spring free before me. Hot and hard for me, I wrapped my fingers around his steel length, feeling him pulse under my touch.

“That’s a beautiful sight.” I licked the head, dripping for me.

“No teasing, Harper. Put your hot mouth around my cock and suck me deep.”

I kept my eyes trained on his face while I followed his command. He put his hands on my shoulders, watching me equally entranced by my mouth swallowing his length. I hollowed my cheeks, using my tongue along him as I moved up and down, fucking him with my mouth.

“Good girl, you’re so damn beautiful with your mouth around me, taking me like that. Do you swallow or should I just paint your pretty breasts?”

I shrugged and nodded.

“Ah, that’s right, I’m in charge and I can do what I want with you. God, you said you might be rusty, but you don’t seem to have a problem. You’re just fucking perfect, sweetheart. But can you take me deeper?”

I took a deep breath and pushed deeper, then yanked back as my body rejected the idea. Popping off the end, I sucked down gulps of air. “Nope.” I wiped the spit off my chin. “Cannot.”

He stroked my hair. “It’s okay, we’ll work on it. Instead, lick my balls, take ‘em in your mouth then suck me while you work them with your fingers. I’ll come faster.”

I wasn’t sure I wanted him to come faster, but he had to finish, eventually. I lifted his cock and pressed a kiss to his sac, drawing them into my mouth, I massaged them until he jerked out of my grasp. “Open up.” He grasped his cock and pushed it to my lips, then inside my open mouth. He jerked into my mouth, with a grunt of satisfaction. “Hard and fast, Harper.”

I sucked him, working him fast, my fingers teasing his balls like he instructed. And I felt him draw up before he erupted on my tongue and I swallowed, but some dripped down my chin as I finished sucking his hot cock.

Riley dropped from my lips and I relaxed, sitting on my feet as I gaped at him in the aftermath.

What the fuck? This guy dropped into my office an hour ago and I just sucked his cock on demand? Oh shit. What had I done?

A thousand bad outcomes ran through my head. Blackmail, slut shaming…

He cupped my head. “What’s happening?”

“I don’t do things like this.”

“Like what?”

“Sex in my office with a stranger who could ruin everything.” I stared at the recorder. “Is that on?”

“Shit, I was distracted.” He grabbed the recorder from my desk and turned it off. “I promise I won’t ruin everything, but to keep you from making future mistakes with hot newspaper-writing kids, I’ll keep you occupied for the next couple weeks.

My heart was beating out of my chest as I stared at the recorder. Riley had me flustered, an unfamiliar sensation, but not uncomfortable. I liked him. “I don’t know.”

Riley knelt beside me, brushing his lips across mine, and pressed the recorder into my hand. “I’ll leave this with you until tonight. We’ll go over the recording and my notes to ensure you are accurately portrayed. “What do you say, Ms. Foley?”

“I think I’d like to have dinner tonight and see what happens.”

“You have a deal.” He kissed me soundly, then swiped my panties off the floor, standing to pull up his jeans.

“These are far too wet to wear,” he added. “Even if they are boring cotton, I think I’ll borrow them.” I reached for them, but he stuffed them in his pocket. He grabbed a post-it and pen. “Give me your personal number, Harper so I can call you and find out where I’m bringing the food later.”

I fixed my top then grabbed my pants. Great. I would spend three hours in the office with no panties. I gave him my number, knowing he wouldn’t leave until I did and who knew what outrageous action he might try to convince me if he stayed. I would get nothing done now and I didn’t care. The only important thing was our dinner plans.

He kissed me again and left my office, whistling. I smiled when my phone beeped two minutes later, “Missing you already.”

I called Carl to cancel my afternoon appointments as I added Riley’s number to my contacts and replied: “Don’t worry about my underwear, I’m going shopping right now.”

Time for a little work-life balance.

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