Then the voice seemed to be guiding Huang Trot, constantly ringing in the room, and every place where the voice rang, Huang Trot told me that there must be something hidden in the wall of this place. It rang at least fifty or sixty times in total, and it was densely packed in the room. What on earth would be in the room, hidden in the walls up and down the room, and stink. When the last sound came, the sound stopped, and the whole room was quiet, as if nothing had happened just now. The weasel, tired of jumping, lay down on the sofa again and told me to go and get some tools to tear down all the places that had been ringing just now to see what was making trouble in the wall. That’s easy to say. It’s not my house. How can it be demolished? But this time we also found a clue to the matter, if you want to know the reason, it is inevitable to tear down the wall. Because I had already told the couple of the owner that if I found anything, I would tell them. Although it was the middle of the night, I still called them to come over. This house was the new house of the couple, and they cared about the house very much. During the period of moving out,china tile trim, they all lived in their mother’s home not far from here. As soon as they heard that I had found a clue to the matter, they took a taxi overnight. After waiting for more than ten minutes, the couple opened the door and came in and asked me what clues they had found? I told the couple what had just happened, saying that there was something hidden in the wall of their house. If you want to see it clearly, you have to break the wall first. This just bought a house, the couple is naturally a little reluctant at first,tile trim factory, but after thinking about it, there is no way, after all, it is bought to live, if the sound is noisy every night, living is also restless, so according to my view, to find a home is not very obvious location, the man took some hammers and other tools, began to hammer the wall. This hammer is not very big. When the hammer is on the wall, it feels like the wall is hollow. After holding on for a while, we loosened the bricks inside the wall, tile trim manufacturers ,stainless steel tile trim, and when the bricks were loosened, a very bad smell of putrefaction came out of our house in an instant! The hostess was nauseated on the spot. I quickly covered my mouth and nose with my hands. The man also covered most of his face with his clothes. He continued to hammer the wall open with a hammer. A black thing like water flowed out of the wall. It was very disgusting. The man’s face was stiff after being smoked. He reached out to the hole opened by the hammer and felt out a black thing about 20 centimeters long. There was still something black on it, and there was a layer of cloth wrapped around it. The man was bolder and reached out to take the cloth away. Suddenly, a bone appeared in the man’s hand! When I saw the bone, my head suddenly tingled. The bone was so long that it did not look like the bone of an ordinary animal. When the weasel saw the bone, he climbed up my shoulder along my body and whispered in my ear, “This is a human bone.” My scalp tingled instantly, and the room was full of the smell of decay. I was so fumigated that I wanted to vomit. I ran to the window and said to the man, “This is a human bone.” As soon as the man heard that it was a human bone, he was so frightened that he hurriedly threw the bone on the ground, but the house was just bought by them, so maybe someone’s bone was in the wall?! The couple realized the seriousness of the matter and quickly called the police. After a while, the police rushed over and began to seal off the scene. They began to take pictures and opened all the things in the wall. They saw several rows of empty bricks in the bricks in the wall, but there was also a bone in the hollow of the empty bricks. That is to say, This is not a place where the whole body is hidden. Just now Huang trotted back and forth in the room listening to the sound and ran no less than sixty times. I went over and marked the places where Huang trotted sniffed just now one by one, so that the police could look at these places again. There must be other body parts hidden inside.
Several policemen looked at me suspiciously and asked me what my identity was. I said I was a brother horse. Although they still had doubts about my statement, the policemen did what I said. They dug all the places I marked. I saw that I was right. Under every mark I made, there were body fragments. And when we dug up a pillar in the middle of the wall of the room, a rotten head was placed under the pillar. The appearance was so rotten that it was not clear. According to the size of the bone, the forensic doctor initially judged that it was the body of a child, about eleven or twelve years old, and it was a male. It’s hard to imagine who would be so cruel as to kill a child? After we all went to the police station to make a statement in the morning, I went home first, waiting for the police to deal with the case first, because I did not open my eyes, the weasel did not enter my body, I did not know what the cause of this matter was, but such a cruel case was discovered by me first, thinking of the stench of the house, I felt sick when I came home. Huang Trot had other things to deal with, and he didn’t go home with me. He left halfway. Now when I get home, there are only me and Python Xuanlong in the house except for a few female fairies who have never appeared. Python Xuanlong saw that I came back smelly and asked me how things were going? I was also smelly by myself now, so I said to him casually that it was okay, and then I took my clothes to the bathroom to take a shower. After washing all the stink on my body, I felt more comfortable. Thinking that I seemed to have a bad attitude towards the python Xuanlong just now, and that he was also an immortal in my hall, I still wanted to get along well with him. So I got up from the bathtub, dressed and went out. As soon as I opened the door,aluminium edge trim, only the python Xuanlong was sticking tightly to the door of my bathroom. As soon as I opened the door, he almost got into the bathroom. Seeing him like this, I immediately became wary of him and asked him what he was doing standing by the bathroom door.

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