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“Just tell her.” The Tartar beggar was still crying and crying, and I calmed him down by scolding him. Don’t forget I did it for you. I said, suddenly realizing that I was deliberately delaying because I didn’t want to leave here. Why am I in this mess? Two years ago, a cloth vendor was killed in the city gate of Edirnay-they cut off her ears first-because she married a girl who had promised to marry a man to someone else. My grandmother used to tell me that Turks often kill people indiscriminately. I wish I could go home now and have lentil soup with my dearest Nesine. Despite the resistance of my feet, I did not know how to think about the situation of Xie Kurui in the house, so I went to the house. Curiosity gnaws at my heart. Cloth seller-! I have the latest Chinese silk to make a beautiful dress. I noticed the orange glow seeping through the cracks in the shutters. The door opened. Hassan’s good-natured father invited me into the house. The house is as warm as a rich family. By the light of the lamp, Sherry was sitting at a low table with her boys. When she saw me, she stood up. “Shekuri,” I said, “your husband is here.” Which one “The new one.” I said, “He surrounded the house with a group of men with weapons.”. They’re ready to fight Hassan to the death. “Hassan is not at home.” A polite father-in-law. So lucky. Look at this note. I said, handing him the black note like a sultan’s ambassador, haughtily issuing the monarch’s cold decree. “Esther,gold CIP machine, come on, I’ll warm you up with a bowl of lentil soup,” Shekuri said as the polite father-in-law read the note. “I don’t like lentil soup.” That’s what I said at first. I don’t like the way she talks as if she likes the family. However, when I realized that she wanted to be alone with me, I grabbed the spoon and followed her. Tell Hei it’s all because of Shefgai. She whispered,gold heap leaching, “Last night I waited all night alone with Orhan, scared to death of the murderer.”. Orhan trembled with fear all night. My children are separated in two places! What kind of mother can be separated from her child? Black did not return, and I heard them say that His Majesty’s executioners had tortured him and that he had indeed participated in the murder of my father. “Wasn’t Hei with you when your father was killed?” “Esther,” she said, her beautiful black eyes widening, “please, help me.” “Then you must tell me why you came back here, and let me understand before I can help you.” “Do you think I know why I came back?” She said. She seemed to be fighting back tears. “Black was very mean to my poor Shefgay,” she said. “So when I heard Hassan say that the children’s real father had returned, I believed him.” But from her eyes, tin beneficiation plant ,portable gold wash plant, I knew she was lying, and she could tell for me. “I’m being played by Hassan!” She whispered. I sensed that she wanted me to infer from this that she loved Hassan. But does Shekuri herself understand that the reason why she is more and more obsessed with Hassan is that she married black? The door opened and Harriet came in with the delicious smell of freshly baked bread. I could see from her indignant expression at the sight of me that after my uncle’s death, the poor thing, which she could not sell or abandon, had become a painful relic that Shekuri could not get rid of. The aroma of fresh bread filled the room, and when Shekuri returned to her children, it dawned on me that the truth was that Shekuri had to face a choice for her children: neither their biological father, Hassan, nor Hei, was the husband she was looking for and loved. Her problem was to find a father who could love two boys. I really love these two innocent but afraid little boys. Xie Kuri is ready to love any good husband with his efforts. “You pursue what you want with your heart,” I said without thinking, “but you must make decisions with your head.” “I can take the children back to Hei right now.” She said, “But I have some conditions!” She sank for a moment.
“He must be kind to Shefgai and Orhan.”. He can’t charge me for coming back here. Above all, he must abide by the original conditions of our marriage-he knows what I mean. Last night he left me alone to face the murderer, the thief, the loser and Hassan. “He hasn’t found your father’s killer yet, but he told me to tell you that he has.” “Should I go to him?” Before I could answer, Xie Kurui’s former father-in-law had already read the note. “Tell Mr. Black that my son is not present and I can’t afford to hand over my daughter-in-law,” he said. “Which son?” I said deliberately, trying to be aggressive, but in a soft tone. Hassan. He said. He was an honest man, so he blushed and said, “I heard that my eldest son is coming back from Persia.”. Someone can testify. “Where’s Hassan?” I asked. I drank two spoonfuls of the soup that Kurishen gave me. He went to summon the tax officers, the porters, and others. He said in a childish tone, like an honest wooden man who could not lie, “After what happened to the Erzurum yesterday, the Praetorian foot soldiers are patrolling the streets tonight.” “We didn’t see any of them.” I said as I walked to the door. “Is that all you want to say?” I asked my father-in-law this question to frighten him, but Shekuri knew very well that I was actually asking her. Is she really confused, or is she hiding something? For example, is she waiting for Hassan to come back with a man? Strangely enough,sodium cyanide price, I found that I also liked her indecision. We don’t want to be black. “No more, fat woman,” said Shefgai boldly. 。

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