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About Company
Shayesteh Behdis Ariafar Company known as AzarTaj brand is the largest company producing dried fruits in Iran, which started activity more than one decade ago in the healthy food industry and follows this path providing high-quality products, and the best services and novelty for its customers.

The major part of our activity in Azar Taj is producing dried fruit, cube fruits (for import and export), frozen fruits, nuts, dried products, etc.

Import and Export
Azar Taj Co. also aims to develop import and export. Azar Taj Co., has exported products to many countries, such as Spain, Poland, Russia, Armenia, Turkey, Emirate (Dubai), Iraq, Canada, Qatar, Japan, and imported products from some countries, including Thailand , Pakistan, Armenia, Turkey, etc.

our facilities
Azar Taj Co. is located in Tehran, Shahryar in a site with an area of 3000m and two production salons (daily production capacity of 5 tons) and cold storage (with 500-ton capacity including two areas with temperatures below and above zero) equipped with a high-tech laboratory. Now, 50 full-time and 20 half-time employees work in the production line, 10 staffs work in the warehouse, and 15 employees work in administrative, marketing, and customer support departments.

Our commitment
We are also a team of professional experts in producing organic dried fruits that help you to have a healthy lifestyle without the negative effects of sugar and other additives, which can harm your health.

It must be explained ultimately that we are focused on local gardeners because this allows us in Azar Taj Co. to receive the best and high-quality primary resources. Also, we use high-tech drying techniques in our production line to prove our commitment to the environment and our customers and take a step toward sustainable growth.

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